Monday, December 19, 2011

Chilling Like A Villain...Laying In The Cut

Still laying in the dude said..I'm chilling like a villain...all along the watchtower..mentioned by Jimi Hendrix! 

Still praying!! the corrupt have this world in a choke hold!! they need to pump brakes like Bendix! 

How are some playing it? search Google, Wikipedia, or even the appendix for the definition! 

How are some playing it? while I was laying in the cut some act like they knew a bruh...will they do like John Boehner and impede progress? I question their intention!  

They see me keep on pushing like an Impression; Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield! 

Plus the others!! meanwhile were Transmitting Live..cold crushing!! brothas work it out like Willie Hutch.....coming through in the clutch..but some heard we were like Herman Cain...playing the field! 

Wasn't pimping like Ken or Little Ronnie and them!! cutting up a Dutch...drinking Kentucky brown liquor! 

Whats happening? we let the hustlers hustle and the players play; whats up with me they ask? ....go figure! 

I'm just chilling like a villain...I'm just laying in the cut; doing what I do! 

But of course I'm praying for the corrupt...Lord Help Lord Help!! I see how they're gonna do!

But I see what others are going through...some are searching for a hero...hoping that the Dark Knight Rises..

They were also chilling like a villain...laying in the cut...but they were waiting in the dark..soon subject to the authority..subject to surprises..

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