Friday, December 23, 2011

The No Where To Hide Mix / The I-85 Chronicles

Theres no where to where to hide...some will ride like House Republicans.....we're out there amongst the sharks and piranhas!

Caught out there in treacherous waters; whose underneath where its dark and mysterious?

Are you serious!!  *in my Dick Vitale voice* ..the moves made were swaggerific! 

Are you delirious? like Eddie Murphy..its possible you can't work with me!! you wouldn't understand the mathematics! 

Dealing with fanatics...they seem to be everywhere; is there a pandemic or epidemic? 

Theres no where to run and no where to hide!! so I changed up my game; I can be a gangster, preacher, politician, or an academic! 

Sherlock Holmes told Watson its elementary!! but actually it can get complex! 

Whats up Holmes? probably wishing it was we pimp through coming with the next! 

As we move on to the next!! like the Louisville Cardinal football team were dipping down I-85; check these Chronicles!

Headed towards Charlotte the Queen City!! how did they expect us to respond to these and those?


The No Where To Hide Mix

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