Thursday, December 08, 2011

Caught In Traffic Behind The The Volvo Station Wagon

Rolling through the streets of Atlanta; progress was impeded by the Volvo Station Wagon! 

It had the soccer ball taped on the back of it; a suburbanite trying to get their swag on!

....Once spotted over in The Bluff trying to get their sack or bag on!! little homie had product for them....they're rolling like Canaanites or Israelites from back in the day! 

Who said I couldn't get my mind right to drop these insights? whose trying to call your bluff like Newt Gingrich? we continue to deal with matrix glitches...progress delayed by the Volvo Station Wagon!! also spotted Subaru Outbacks with bike racks on them; they're guaranteed to get in your way!

This traffic is off the chain in Atlanta!! whose acting brand new with ya? as we fight back!! we had to tell some we don't play this and that! 

Where did rolling with Herman Cain land a black conservative...who can they work with? whose acting brand new with ya?  attorneys played you like Conrad Murray..said they would appeal..but advised you not to say this and that! 

They even act like they knew a bruh!! you heard me?  they say I was shady like Russia's election...please be advised it "ain't nothing nice"

What route did you take? I-75? .....I-85? ....I-20? now your stuck in Atlanta traffic!! it'll make you think twice! 

Going all out? soon your subject to the authority!! a storm trooper down here in Georgia was just a fanatic that's ego tripping! 

Is this a hot mess or a hot style when I tell this story? actually I'm  just a Rider of The Storm like the it's breakbeat science that a Negro is flipping! 

Check the steelo; slipping and sliding through the portal!! but it's like a Blood or Crip gang initiation or a FAMU hazing...its like going through a gauntlet!

If theres a hell below were all gonna go!! word from Curtis Mayfield; so who fronted and flaunted? 

Hell? we caught!! but a suburbanite in the Volvo Station Wagon thinks its mamby pamby land! 

As we play the field;  jokers will get sonic assaulted with the blackjack..get back jack!! drama goes down like Virgina Tech..or like its Pakistan or Afghanistan!

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