Saturday, December 03, 2011

....Knowing What The Deal Is

....A veteran in the game whose now coaching..but no assistants on the staff like Jerry Sandusky...what's up with me? just trying to find the answers...actually I'm knowing what the deal is! 

Whats happening..whose doing the knowledge? like Islamists dominating the Egyptian elections...whose knowing what the real is? 

I didn't feel this or that; I wasn't pimping like Herman Cain...I was cut from a different cloth! 

...Just trying to be real with this...but wishing it was simple....I'm all up in the spot; up in the lab mixing the elixir...the broth!

...Similar to cooking collard greens; now we have the pot liquor left over! 

Central booking in your city is full of those that plotted and schemed..Plan Z followers..due to the economy..they were trying to get over..

Whats the deal with a bruh? am I a crook when I bring this thing? I chilled up in Louisville... all up in the spot where homies have brown liquor from Kentucky in a brown bag! 

Whats up with ya? at the disco inferno one dances with wolves...meanwhile I'm chilling after taking intergalactic journeys out beyond Pluto; astronomers discovered alien planets where I I'm back down to earth suffering from jet lag! 

.....Back down to earth!! I'm a step ahead of Georgia's agents..down here on Buford Highway in Atlanta with so called illegal aliens and immigrants..all of us are dealing with the madness; haggling with haters about our freedom! 

....Already paying the price..actually overpaid!! while others got played...they'll get cut like Donovan McNabb...I see them but wouldn't want to be them!

But I will free them from the madness; let the healing process begin! 

Whose knowing what the deal is? please!! were just out here trying to win!

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