Monday, December 26, 2011

Still Posted Up Like Hakeem Olajuwon

We were posted up like Shaq!! or we can go back to Hakeem Olajuwon! 

We never bragged or boasted!! were like the Green Bay Packers; ....we just handled our business...its business and not personal; word to those who wonder what were on!

Some slacked or even coasted...others swagged up in the spot; soon toasted like Sara Lee bread! 

Some hacked Stratfor...what's the score? the tail wagged the dog that barked up the wrong tree; now some were misled! 

Waiting in the dark seemed to be business as usual; crooks shred documents to hide evidence!

But evidence was left on computer hard drives!! getaway vehicles waited in was like Go Daddy go!! whatcha know? society shows no benevolence! 

Like Lebron we scored on hard drives to the basket...but the devil was in the details causing matrix glitches; now we have another hot mess! 

.....To go along with the other ones; ...a basket case? Dr Frankenstein created a monster; like Champ was similar to Lochness?

Staying on top of this..O-Dizzle is rocking this!!... were English and beat breaking..

Rolling with God!! the righteous wont be forsaken! whose rolling with the odd ones? just out here fronting and faking! 

Taking a break for a minute; soaking in the energy...probably purge some of it later! 

Posting up!! trying to get settled but cloaking and daggering was done by a hater!

Posted up!! cloaking devices were found; now swagging like the Invisible Man Ralph Ellison! 

Posted up...left to our own devices..already paid the prices..this good word and brand new funk is what were treasuring...

Posted up!! the zone defense didn't work...I shot over the top of it! 

Posted up but circumstances are debatable; being built or torn down? please!! we didn't clown...we handled business; we stayed on top of it!

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