Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Fabric

We're cut from a different cloth...this is from another fabric!

Corrupt with it like Vladimir Putin?  belligerent like Gingrich?  a brotha is facing accusations when I holla atcha with this!

How will we deal with glitches in the matrix? even the clergyman are fighting each other at the Church of the Nativity..meanwhile we use this forensic we put it down like this!

Snitches fake it..they'll even tell some to Go Daddy go!! but bear witness to this breakbeat scientific business getting handled;  as we put it down like this! 

The beat? we'll break it..hooking up the sound like this!! plus were dropping mathematics! 

Cooking up this good meal in souls kitchen ;so we can feed the fanatics! 

Actually doing this for the fabric of society; manufacturers try to dilute the product! 

Next thing you know S & P will downgrade you like Sears;  meanwhile were doing this...ignoring irrational fears..this is our top priority..even though haters question the conduct! 

What's the deally? they say we didn't conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion!

We govern ourselves accordingly..dealing with police trying to regulate thought and fashion! 

Another one will show hate as we keep clashing with so called Titans; we Remember Them! 

Not from Missouri...but show us the state of things; noticed that the fabric is torn and tattered like bodies after the train wreck; looks like somebody dismembered them!

Some remembered the time they fell in love; like Michael Jackson!

Now the fabric is not real; its synthetic!! who knows how it might go? all up in the action!

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