Sunday, December 25, 2011

No Where To Run and No Where To Hide...Still Carolina Cruising

Rolling through Charlotte /Mecklenburg..Carolina Cruising!! what's up?  Power 98  just shouted out to the trappers on West Boulevard! 

Who started it?  theres no where to run or hide!!! from Nigeria to your area!! times are hard on the boulevard! 

Wishing it was simple? damn!!! we already knew it wouldn't be! 

Rolling down I-85 in Charlotte..just passed up dude rolling in the Cadillac Escalade with New York tags on it; big pimping tried to act like he knew me! 

Who started it? random thoughts and epiphanies go through me!! I put them on the clearance rack!

.....During this holiday season were rolling!! did Georgia or Carolina Storm /State troopers give clearance for that? 

It's going down...we didn't fear that!! where did we find ya? chilling on this Christmas Day...was Santa Claus good to you? check the karma...sometimes it goes down just like they said it would! 

Its going down...peeping game...dude reminded me of somebody in Louisville / Newburg..he said he was down for the cause...he even went on with his bad self!! just because they said he could! 

Somebody geeked him up...said he was holding it down in Charlotte Mecklenburg!!..out in the deep waters....amongst the sharks and piranhas...he said he was hood!! so he was going all out to prove it!

Somebody geeked him up...he said he was down with the Mexicans..they fronted him product..he had to move it..

He even told baby girl she had to move it!!  live it up like the Isley Brothers! 

....Or even give it up like Marvin Gaye; what can I say? I was on that revolutionary tip; how was society trying to play these brothas?

Its going down....from Charlotte to the heart of it...evolutionary process or intelligent design?  religion or atheism? some even search for the God Particle!

Its going down....There's No Where To Run or Hide...haters want to see us fall apart like Tim Tebow...its odd that they're trying to start with a bro! 

As we go for what we know...dipping down I-85 Carolina Cruising...

As we go for what we know...Transmitting Live...whose winning? whose losing?

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