Saturday, December 17, 2011

The I-20 Chronicles....Rolling With The Old School Mercedes 300

Dipping through the streets of Atlanta; rolling down I-20...I'm rolling behind the Mercedes 300! 

Minding and tending...but no divorce like Kobe divorce from reality..I'm grinding..good word dropping and beat blending; trying to keep it 100! 

Whats up with it?  dealing with the Atlanta it's Christmas shoppers...Friday it was the rush hour; but this is not Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker funny kind of business! 

The saga /struggle continues; R.I.P Slim Dunkin..what's on these menus? in Babylon haters try to crush your dreams; some know what the deal is! 

The saga / struggle continues...I saw the homies dip down Candler Rd in Decatur in the old Chevy Caprice...some know what the real is; they're in survival mode! 

Out here hustling for a dollar; will the payroll tax and spending bill help? as we all go to and fro...meanwhile this bro rolls in a discrete mode!

Still following the street code..based on walking on sacred grounds in Louisville / Newburg...please!! I never was corporate! 

Rolling down I-20 behind the Mercedes..listening to sacred sounds...let the healing process begin!! we're dipping and diving through traffic...but staying on point out here in Dekalb County..soon you'll be subject to the authority; facing corporal punishment!

How did the sport get? some are flabbergasted..showing astonishment!! now some are crying like Newt Gingrich..didn't think they would play you that way! 

Blasted!!! like Herman Cain was!! but some are wise to the set up; so they won't get played that way!

As I dip down the I-20 expressway in Atlanta behind the Mercedes 300; both of us are rolling!

The saga / struggle continues...I'm in the hooptie with the check engine light on....Manny Moe and Jack can't fix it... but still
Transmitting Live..still keeping it 100; I'm rolling!

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