Sunday, June 21, 2015

Crisis Management PT.2 (Dealing With The Madness)

                           *ear shattering gunshots exploded*

Going In / Getting It In!!  All Up In The Mix like O-Dog at the Podcast!! opposition is met, like Dylann Roof at the church the guns blast!! plus I found out it's an illusion.

Easy like Sunday Morning per Commodores as some go through those doors going through their rites and rituals?   some pray and fast per Ramadan!!  what were others on? please!! they're caught up in the matrix / system / confusion

This or that institution has us winning or losing!!  oh!! some might get a championship like Golden State Warriors, but roles will reverse at the crossroads..

Living our lives like it's golden per Jill Scott but these spiritual warriors dealt with the scheme / plot!!! karmic repercussions right after the universe reachs it's thresholds?

Check this crisis management; we're Out There!!  Universal!! rolling on The Mothership!! percussions we're used as the fuel for transportation..

Check this crisis management; we're Out There!!  NASA trying to see where I was / where I've been as I roll back in per this Summer Solstice; what led to my transformation?

Check this crisis management; we managed to ponder The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space; information gathered, now sending messages in the songs....

We pondered the history of Charleston and their dark history concerning race after we wondered through the Babylon Wilderness;  now dealing with the madness after I'm back down on earth, running into monsters!! high and low technical King Kongs..

It's no mystery, any luck on, Career Builder? plus your state employment offices are popular destinations...

Not just vacation spots during this summer are popular destinations!! temptation yielders face deployment on the front line of spiritual warfare!!  Out There!!  so who are you rolling with? what's needed? Divine Intervention?

Crime prevention like McGruff?  what crisis management tool will be enough in the spot where Reason Gave Way To Madness..

Holding On...all of us are under attack..we're just Dealing With The Madness...


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